Indian Food: A Dissected Look

The Indian food that we know of today possesses a characteristic that may be found in other cultures but made unique by the methods that the people of this country used. Indian culinary anatomy is composed of agricultural produce that are common to some Asian countries and can also be found in other countries.

India has an array of staples. Staple foods are those that are eaten and are known all throughout the country. The staple of this country is composed of several grain products that can be found on different parts of the country.

Examples of Indian food staples that are commonly used in some of their cuisines are composed of the following;

*rice- is a part of almost all the staples of the countries in Asia. It became a part of the Indian food staples because of the central Asian invasion in the country in the past.

*wheat- this is a staple that is commonly processed into flour so that it can be made into bread. The use of wheat started when India engaged in trade expeditions and foreign intercourse with western countries that introduced them to this alternative staple.

*mung bean- this is a type of grain that can be grown in almost any country in Asia. This is used by the Indians to provide their daily protein needs.

Aside from the grain staples, most Indian cuisines used oil in their cooking. Indian food uses a number of oil when they are cooking. The kind of oil that is used varies and depends upon which part of India the dish is cooked. Indian food uses the following types of oil in their cooking;

*peanut oil- it is a type of oil that is extracted from peanuts. It is popularly used in dishes that are cooked in north and west India.

*mustard oil- it is a type of oil that has a little spice in its taste compared to other types of oil. This particular oil is popularly used in eastern parts of India.

*coconut oil- this is a type of oil extracted from the meat of the coconut seed, this is popularly used in west parts of India together with peanut oil.

Indian food is basically a vegetarian based diet. The diet is composed only of the following food groups; fruits, vegetable, grains, and dairy product such as butter, cream, cheese and milk. The use of meat in Indian food is rarely known or seen in the country. They don’t always rely on meat to provide such vitamins and minerals that their body needs.